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St. Petersburg Flame Necklace, Green/Black

Brilliant emerald green beads lend a dramatic flare to this flame-stitch necklace edged with jet black Swarovski crystals and dark green seed beads. The flame is suspended by a St. Petersburg-stitch neck strap which culminates in a simple wireworked clasp of 14K gold-filled wire. This unusual piece will certainly make the wearer's neck memorable.

The flame pattern can also be worked the entire length of a necklace, and colors can be graduated from the center of the flame as in Bargello needlework.If only a central flame is desired, as in this necklace, various beadwoven stitches can be used for the remainder of the neck strap. For a custom design, color placement, and length, please contact us.

Length: 19 inches. Strap Width: 1/2 inch. Flame Width: 1 inch.

Components: Emerald green 15/0 seed and Delica beads, 11/0 dark green silver-lined Czech seed beads, jet 4 mm Swarovski bicone crystals, 14K gold-filled wire.

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