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Squiggle Pin

The delicate free-form shape of this squiggle pin was created with Argentium silver wire, then carefully hammered to give it strength, surface texture, and added light-capturing dimension. It might adorn a favorite sweater or scarf, or become a delicate lapel accent. Free-form wirework ensures a one-of-a-kind piece, though others may be similar.

Pins can be fashioned in a variety of shapes using various gauges of Argentium, sterling, or gold-filled wire. For custom shapes and preferred wire, please contact us.

Length: 2-7/8 inches. Width: 1/2 inch.

Components: 20-gauge Argentium silver.

Caution: As with all pins, it should be tested on a hidden portion of the garment fabric to prevent puncture damage to fine fabrics due to incompatibility of fabric weave with wire size.

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