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Knitted Leaf Lace Scarf

Knitted from vintage French ribbon yarn, this scarf will keep your neck warm while adding an extra dimension to your outfit. The yarn is made of three textures-a strand of silver-gray ribbon, loosely spun nubby black yarn, and golden metallic thread, which create a stunning combination for this floating lace leaf pattern. An extra bit of sparkle and drape was added by nestling several strands of beaded fringe amid the 4-inch yarn fringe.

Length: 60 inches, including fringe.
: 3-1/2 inches.

: Pingouin Traviata Yarn; opaque black and crystal 11/0 seed beads; gold-toned Charlotte beads; 24K gold plated 11/0 and tarnished silver 15/0 Delica beads; and 6 mm black Swarovski crystals.

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